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you all know me [userpic]
Final Gift for jessicaqueen
by you all know me (ladyoneill)
at December 29th, 2011 (04:51 pm)

I feel:: pleased

Title: Oh Jesus, Oh God, They're Screwed
Author: Laure Alexander
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Warnings: Smut, blood, language, blasphemy, Spike gets a bit weird about her youth but then Joss didn't have a problem so I don't (plus I'm in Kansas where the age of consent is 16)
Disclaimer: Nothing about BtVS belongs to me; it's all Joss; I'm just playing with his characters and making them do naughty things.
Distribution: Please ask first. Will be at my site Meandering Muse
Word Count: 2207
Summary: Set during Halloween, Buffy, not dressed as an 18th century lady, runs into Spike and she's horny and his pissed and horny and one thing leads to another.
Recipient: Written for jessicaqueen for btvs_santa. Request was: Season 2 during 'Halloween', if Buffy had chosen a very different costume to dress up in; along with Buffy/Spike, nothing too sappy or fluffy (not a problem) and no character bashing (well, there's canon Spike sort of bashing Angel by calling him a poof etc.)
A/N: I had so much fun writing this. I'm so comfortable writing these characters after, what, thirteen, fourteen years? that it just flowed and was fun. Also, because I'm that old in the fandom, my Spike will almost always be 200 years old and sired by Angelus and he is here.

"I don't get it."

Buffy glanced over her shoulder at Xander who was giving her a puzzled look, then turned back to grin into the mirror, baring plastic fangs. "It's irony or something. I dunno, I'm failing English."

Willow held up her skimpy costume and frowned at it. "What is this supposed to be again?"

"Futuristic hottie?" Buffy asked, also confused.

Willow's lips twisted even more and she shook her head. "I'm thinking futuristic skank." She dropped the costume and grabbed the sheet she'd brought as back-up.

"Nah, definitely a hottie. Come on. I'll do your hair."

"On that note, I'm out of here. Gotta go piece together my manly costume." As Xander headed for the door he shook his head again at Buffy. "Still don't get why you're going as a vampire."

"It's come as you aren't night. So never going to be a vampire." Buffy waved after him and then twitched the black and red satin corset into better position.

"You're about to pop out of that," Willow hissed, scandalized.

Buffy grinned wider, then pushed her best friend down in front of the vanity. "Okay, I'm thinking bright green shadow and teased hair pulled up with tendrils, oh and bright red lips."

"I really think I should be a ghost..."



Spike was amused and a bit confused as to why the little kids dressed like demons and monsters were suddenly really demons and monsters, but he wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth and since all the real demons and monsters were home watching Charlie Brown Halloween or porn, he recruited the newbies into a small army and began to stalk his prey.

Yeah, he was supposed to be home watching Charlie Brown...or porn...but there was an unsuspecting Slayer out there and, it was really just tradition that the supernatural underworld stayed in on Halloween. It wasn't like he was going to get bitch slapped by Satan or something for breaking a rule. It was more a guideline anyway, and he had always been one for ignoring those.

And rules.

He really wasn't one for following rules, either, not since his early days when Angelus had laid down the law with a whip to his back.

And why in Hell's name was he thinking about that tosser?

Scowling at himself, he lit another cigarette from the butt of the previous one and stalked quicker down the alley he was in, followed by his new minions.


Buffy hunted. She knew what she needed. She didn't know who she was, who she'd been, but she knew what she was. There was a hunger burning in her, not for food, and her very veins ached with it.

What she'd become knew what she needed to sate the hunger.

So, she hunted.

Her prey was everywhere and the sight of children running through the streets nearly made her reckless, but instinctively she knew she couldn't attack a crowd, so she headed for the docks, hoping to catch a lone watchman or drunken sailor.

Turning from one alley to another, she heard a noise ahead of her and silently moved against the brick wall, blending into the shadows. Her outfit, all in black with red laces on the corset, helped her hide, and she watched as several demons passed her hiding spot.

And one vampire.

He was old, she could tell by a glance and a sniff, and strong, so strong.

Almost as strong as she was, despite her newness. She could feel the power in her muscles and knew he would almost be her match.

One hunger was replaced by another.

She watched him stop, cock his head, listen, then he waved the demons with him on, and turned.

To her.

A smirk crossed his face and he prowled towards her.

"Cute costume, Slayer."

The words were meaningless to her. She didn't know her name but she knew she wasn't a Slayer.

She was a vampire.

And she was so very hungry.


Stepping into her personal space, crowding her against the wall, Spike nearly crowed. The Slayer was making no move to fight him or get away; she hadn't even pulled a stake out, though where she'd hide one in the skin tight corset and mini-skirt was beyond him.

He grinned, baring his fans and...

She grinned back and bared hers.

It was enough of a surprise to send his demon into retreat and brought hers out and then she was on him, shoving him all the way across the alley and her fangs were in his throat.

Real fangs, real bumpies on her forehead, real yellow eyes.

"Who the fuck turned you?" he howled in fury and frustration as he fought to pry her off his throat.

He wasn't sure if he freed himself of if she pulled back, but suddenly she was no longer biting him, but stayed in his face, his blood dripping down her chin as she continued to smile so very nastily.

"You taste so good," she crooned, her hands beginning to slide over his chest and stomach. "Want to taste more of you."

Spike grabbed her wandering hands and yanked them behind her back only to have her wriggle against him. Oh Jesus... "You were to be my third." He was still pissed. Turning a Slayer was stupid, but he'd wanted to kill this one, drain her dry, maybe fuck her before--though she was kind of young while human not that that mattered anymore because she was eternal now--but still...His third!

"You can be my first," she moaned, thrusting one stocking clad knee between his legs and lifting it, pressing...Oh Jesus...

Okay, so the Slayer was a vampire. He could work with that. Whomever had turned her had 1) made her a childe and not a minion and 2) apparently abandoned her, the idiot. Soon to be dead idiot, if he had his say.

Hey, maybe it was the poof...

His thoughts were cut off by her mouth on his as she basically climbed his body with her legs to reach him.


Spike's body got with the program and he spun her, reaching down and grabbing her ass and grinding her against his hardening dick as they devoured each others mouths. As she bounced up, her freed hands grabbing his shoulders, one of her tits popped out of the corset and, after dragging his mouth down her cheek and neck, he fastened his lips around the hard little nipple and sucked.

She mewled and squirmed and dug her fingers into his shoulders and her heels into his back, and he could smell her readiness.

She was hot for him, as hot as a vampire got, and with experience gained over a couple centuries, he managed to hold her off the ground, rip away her panties and get his belt and jeans unfastened.

With one loud grunt, he impaled her on his cock and they both froze, eyes full of lust meeting, then they were kissing again and he was pumping and she was wriggling.

And...Oh Jesus!

She might not be hot like a human but her inner muscles were squeezing tightly around him and she was so wet inside. He'd felt the barrier tear--he really was her first; got there before his poof of a sire--and the scent of her blood was flooding his senses. If she'd been human, he might have regretted taking her virginity at her young age, but she wasn't and he wouldn't, couldn't, because fuck she felt good and she wanted it so badly. She was proving that with every wriggle, every moan, every biting kiss.

Knowing that as a vampire she could take it, he pounded her against the wall, and was rewarded with her moving with him, using her strength to lever herself up and down on his throbbing cock, rubbing herself off as she brought him closer, too.

He was going to come, come inside a Slayer's cunt, and just the thought had him shaking. Digging his fingers into the globes of her ass, he broke the kiss, and as she moaned long and loud, he buried his fangs in her shoulder.

Hot blood spilled over his tongue and, dimly he heard a stunned cry break from her, felt her clutching hands turn to fists hitting his back. Confused, he pulled back to see her staring at him in shock, her mouth ovaled and revealing little white teeth. As they stared at each other, his hips continued to pump on automatic and he felt her clench around him, saw her bite into her lower lip, and knew she was coming.

Her fluttering muscles around his dick sent him off as well and he shuddered and grunted, pressing his forehead to hers as his orgasm left him drained and slumping against her.


Everything came back in a rush, all the old memories, and the ones of the last few hours, and Buffy felt fangs sinking into her shoulder and something heavy and thick pushing into her between her legs, and such heat and pleasure, and she opened her eyes and moaned.

Spike. Spike was...Oh God...

Reflexively, she started to beat on him and he pulled his face back to look at her, stunned as well, and then she felt it--her clit was too over-stimulated--and he was... he was...fucking her and...

Buffy moaned helplessly as her orgasm shook through her and then she felt him pumping harder and wetness flooding her that wasn't her and...Oh God...

He slumped against her, pressing against her, holding her tightly, and she wished desperately for a stake to make all this go away.


She was human again. He could feel it, taste it, smell it.

Warily, Spike pulled out of her, heard her soft whimper of distress, and set her down more carefully then he would have if she'd still been a vampire.

Still able to take the rough fucking and its aftermath.

Slayer or not, she was a kid again and he didn't...

Backing up, Spike shook himself even as he quickly tucked himself away--noting the blood on his dick--and fastened his pants and belt. He watched her like a hawk, remembering the easily broken crates that littered the alley, waiting for her to make a move.

But, all she did was try feebly to stuff her breast back into her top and tug down her skirt. Her face was white with a red dot of color high on each cheekbone, and he recognized it for what it was--shock.

It wasn't his fault! She'd been a vampire. She'd come on to HIM! He hadn't taken advantage. He didn't do that, not to teenage girls, not even teenager Slayers. He wasn't a pervert like his sire, who never discriminated over age or gender. While earlier he'd thought about fucking the girl while killing her, now he wasn't so sure he would have gone through with it, because she just looked...young and hurt.

Remaining a good six feet from her--out of kicking distance--he watched and waited.

Slowly, the color spread across her cheeks and her nostrils flared and her shoulders rose and she got mad. Spike held up his hands in defense, but she just spat, "A spell. We were under a spell!"

Uh, yeah, obviously. Well, she had been, but he hadn't survived two hundred years staying stupid shit--well, not too stupid of shit. "Yeah, definitely. Never would have in a million years, Slayer. Not my--our--fault."

"Get out of here, Spike, and never, ever mention this to anyone, including me, because I'll hunt you down and stake you very slowly if I hear any gossip and, next time I see you, I'll kill you anyway, and..."

Spike watched her anger start to fade and her shoulders start to slump and felt...Oh Jesus, sorry for her.

Wanting to smack himself in the forehead in frustration, he, instead, backed down the alley, until he was well away from her and felt safe to turn and run--not flee.

And, ignoring the guilt he was beginning to feel because he was a master vampire for fuck's sake and she was just a pesky Slayer.

A pretty, sort of broken one, and damn she'd felt good around his cock and in his arms and...Oh Jesus, he was screwed.

No wonder the ponce was in love with her.


Wrapping her arms around herself, trying to contain the shudders of horror--and pleasure and those of horror at the pleasure--Buffy watched Spike disappear before sliding to the alley floor, wincing at the twinge between her legs and the bruises she could feel forming on her ass...and whatever that was oozing out of her that she didn't want to think about, and where the Hell were her panties?

She'd been fucked by a vampire and not Angel and...oh God, it had felt so good, even after she'd become human again and her vampire desires had disappeared.

They'd just been replaced by her human ones and she'd wanted him--Spike--not to stop, to make her come and he had and...Oh God, she was screwed.



Posted by: Queen of the Castle (jessicaqueen)
Posted at: December 30th, 2011 01:44 am (UTC)

Thank you so much for this brilliant fic! I'm glad you had fun with it, because I definitely did as well. Unf. This is so very smoking hot. I love how they can't help want each other no matter how much they think they're fighting against it. Just what I wanted for Christmas. :)

Posted by: missus_grace (missus_grace)
Posted at: December 30th, 2011 06:56 am (UTC)

Love the ending, with both Spike and Buffy realizing there was more to that than a quick, under-a-spell shag.

Posted by: Becky (joans_journal)
Posted at: January 2nd, 2012 10:05 pm (UTC)

Niice! I really enjoyed this. Thanks for posting!

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